What is Biometric Access Control Systems?

Whether it is a home, office or some other type of establishment, security happens to be a major concern. With a growth in technologies, crime is also growing alarmingly and it is not uncommon to find cases of burglaries, theft, intrusion, trespassing, terrorism etc happening more now than ever before. New technologies are coming in to combat these activities. These types of situations can be solved only with Biometric Access Control Systems. Find out about biometric access control systems for doors and how these can benefit residential, commercial or industrial establishment owners.

1, What is Biometrics Door Access Control Systems?

Biometrics Door Access Control Systems is the latest technology that depends on the features of humans. This is the ultimate process of identification and is executed on the basis of actual features. For the purpose of identification, various human features can be used. These include:

  • DNA
  • Voice
  • Signature
  • The retina of the eyes
  • Keystroke

Until a few years ago, this type of system was only the stuff of dreams or James Bond movies or in the homes of the rich and the well-heeled. However, these are now well within the reach of the public. Many organizations, private or public, have begun to use these systems to restrict access to facilities.

Whether it comes to a basic access control system such as one that involves punching a password in, or high-tech biometric systems scanning and allowing the entry of specific individuals, there are plenty of benefits to using these types of security systems. Like fingerprint door access system, and fingerprint access control & time attendance system,

2, What are the Advantages of biometric access control solutions?

Biometric systems gather and store data so as to use the same to verify personal identity. Some of the prime advantages of these systems include:

  • Monitoring the punch-out and punch-in times
  • Time-based security systems control
  • Internal access and restriction levels
  • Allows restriction and access to multiple exits and entries
  • Lowered need for manpower

3, Different Types of Biometric Door Access Control Systems

Some of the main biometric door access control systems include:

Fingerprint biometric card reader

These systems are able to make out the elevated pattern on your own fingers. Fingerprint access control system card readers help encode patterns that they spot in key data points.  These points are very small, which lowers the entire amount of data that is stored. As there is an encoding of information, you cannot use the data for real fingerprint reconstruction. Some readers are able to read only fingerprints. Some others are multi-biometric and can read finger vein patterns as well as fingerprints. Some read fingerprints as well as offer facial recognition. You can also find multi-modal readers that can heighten reliability but comes at an expense that is much lower than standard fingerprint readers.


These are a combination of Biometrics Identification / Recognition technologies and make use of a lock and capture system for controlling entry to particular data. A person, to get entry to the biometric security system, will have to submit unique traits or characteristics that would be matched to a system database. The locking system, in case of a match, will offer users with access to the data. A fingerprint door access system will get activated and the data of users, who were given access, is recorded.

Finger Vein

It records pictures of the vein patterns existing under the finger’s surface. The pattern of the vascular tissue, in such cases, is spotted with a near-infrared LED. The hemoglobin in blood is detected by the system, offering a prominent pattern.

Multi-Biometric Readers

These can read much-varied biometrics. For instance, these can record finger vein and/or fingerprint, or facial plus fingerprint recognition. Such readers may also use pin numbers and RFID credentials for higher multiple authentications.

You may also find biometric facial recognition systems that are able to spot people in crowds. Such kinds of systems can work very fast and can enhance accuracy.

Console Management Station Software

This is a facial management software program that can run on Windows OS PCs, and let people get alerts, regulate the system on a real-time basis and manage the database of the system. With just one station, many biometric stations can be managed.

Face recognition access control system

The newest facial recognition systems also called face recognition access control & attendance system, happen to be units that are self-contained and can directly attach to the network. Such IP Facial readers can be installed extremely easily. These can connect to the network, followed by identifying the face of an individual from a previously recorded template. Such integrated units have all the smart technologies that allow door control as well as enrolment. These capture coded data instead of a real image of an individual.

Keep in mind that facial recognition systems may even be used for detecting an individual in a crowd. A face recognition door access system is a varied system that makes use of varied technology instead of a biometric door reader.

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