What is Business Building Door Access Control System?

It is essential for business establishments to have an access control system, which can keep workers as well as clients and customers safe. It is sometimes also needed in buildings as per government contracts. It also makes it easier for establishment owners to manage, as there are no concerns about replacing or losing keys, worrying about not getting keys back from workers, etc. Find out what is a building access control system for business.

What is a Business Building Access Control System?

Building access control systems for businesses are door access control systems that are powered by an advanced system, and allow workers to access the insides of facilities, business establishments, offices, research centers and more. Many advanced systems can issue reports about the activities or movements of workers. These can report further about building security, alarm details, open and close hours for business establishments and more. Many of the advanced systems can prepare reports that are published through smartphone or email, to allow convenient access while on the move.

These authorize workers to move in and out of different areas of business establishments, and can also help keep out people. You may get simple and small things such as a keypad for protecting doors. You can also find larger systems with a network of systems that connect more than one building, also including the gates of parking lots with exits and entries, as well as many security levels for businesses.

Types of Access Control Technologies

These apartment building access control systems have various types of technologies, which include biometric technology that can detect people with fingerprints, retinal scans, etc. These are unique and duplicating them can be very difficult if not impossible. For tighter security, these often use iris recognition scanning rather than fingerprint scanning.

Smartcard technology is famous as well, particularly on logging systems and door entry systems. These are more flexible as compared to a few other types of access control systems. These are not simply restricted to door access control. Smartcard technology allows safe logins to computers and lets people buy goods without spending any money. Security card happens to be the commonest option and carries the information of every staff member. Thus, you can instantly find out who accessed the building, which department they belong to and the time when they leave the establishment. It may be also assistive while restricting access to some areas of buildings, making access possible for only some staffs. This makes sure that only authorized staff members can get access and can easily be monitored at any moment.

These commercial door access control systems are used in some organizations for time-keeping or time-tracking and may be associated to payroll systems or used for monitoring how dependable suppliers are. More commonly, however, this type of technology is associated with CCTV. It is used more for the purpose of security than to monitor suppliers or staffs.

How to Choose Commercial Access Control Systems?

You need to consider quite a few things in order to make the best choice:

Your business requirements

Before you buy such a system, you have to determine its purpose, the amount of security that you would want in the system, whether you would like to connect it to other systems in your establishment and more.

Types of features

You should also check whether these come with enough features, such as:

  • Thumbprinting capabilities
  • Motion detectors
  • Swipe cards
  • Keypads
  • Payroll purposes


The size, or how large you would like the access control systems to be, is another important factor that you should consider.

Number of doors

You need to think about how many doors you would like to secure. Keep in mind that not every door in your commercial building needs to be controlled by such a system. You may just prefer to lock the rooms that are less sensitive and hand over the keys to appropriate people. In case you need just one of the doors to be locked, a basic keypad will be good enough. There is always the chance to expand the system in the future, in case you plan beforehand while buying a system.

Ease of setup

Installing such a system can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks, based on how extensive a system you have. You might need to go through a manual, or text or even video instructions – based on how complicated and extensive your system is. Make sure that you get a system that takes less time to be installed unless your establishment needs a lot of security and you do not mind a complex system.

Ask the right questions

It is recommended that you choose a supplier who can offer appropriate responses to your questions – including the software offered along with the system for security management, the after-sales service, the setup process, etc.

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